Was E-Coli Outbreak In Germany Bio-Engineered?

Was E-Coli Outbreak In Germany Bio-Engineered?

Very Important Video

Europe has just endured the biggest deadly E-Coli outbreak in its history, and there are still many questions as to its origin. Last week, I placed an article in this blog that showed some definitive proof that this E-Coli outbreak was a bio-warfare engineered superbug, due to the fact that this E-Coli bacterium was examined and found to contain Bubonic Plague within its DNA strands…. There is absolutely NO WAY that E-Coli can suddenly contain Bubonic Plague without purposely manipulating its DNA!To again answer the hard question about the possibility of the bio-engineering of this deadly E-Coli, I want to turn to the following video that has also been posted by my friend Noor, over at “Snippits and Snappits”, at www.snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com. It has a recent interview with Natural News writer, Mike Adams, and it is a definite must see by all my own readers. Here is that important video:

NTS Notes: It is amazing that the controlled MSM has missed this important fact about the E-Coli bacterium that has caused this deadly outbreak in Europe. Instead they focused on many far reaching reports that the source of this deadly E-Coli came from natural sources such as fruits and vegetables!

It is still hard to fathom that there are such evil people on this planet that would purposely engineer this type of bacteria into a deadly bio-weapon. However, the more that I have delved into facts behind the criminal “elite” push for reduction of the entire World human population by as much as 90%, as first laid out in the 1974 UN Conferences on Population Control, the more I fear that this deadly E-Coli outbreak may be only the start of more deadly things to come….

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