The GREEN CHARTER Example: The Universal Dream

The American Dream has failed and stands naked in front of the world, while the Universal Dream is awakening from its slumber and imposing a divine vision to face a future living human reality.
Is not the Green Charter something we can all embrace? Apparently not. And the reason for NOT, is because its 26+1 articles were the consensus results of around a million people gathered in people’s conferences back in 1988 who discussed from the grass-roots level, what they believe constituted their human rights and their freedom responsibility, and this took place in Libya, Africa and not in 2011 in a capitalist country such as Ameri-Britani-Cani-Stralia. So, let us stick with the so-called United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, from the 1940′s, because that is what AmnesiaInternational does. And that is what our Governments do, and they know what is best, that is why we are all so happy and healthy.Those reading the Green Charter in non-African countries today, especially in the Civilized West, do not think of this: they do not think “this document is much, much better than the so-called United Nations Declaration of Human Rights which was drafted by a small committee in the service of powerful elites which wished to mislead us all for the next 100 years, and continue their reign and insatiable appetite and consumption of finite resources.Instead, they read it and say, or think: “I don’t completely agree with every word of every article, I only agree with 92% of it. So, I won’t rally around and adopt this charter as my right and urge others to do so, at least until we can have the very first article (participatory democracy) and then adapt or replace it with something even better (at least from my perspective or that of my peers). No. I’ll wait until I see one with which I agree 100%, no matter if it was drafted by me or my neighbour or a small committee on-line, and I’ll adopt that.So do we then accommodate this thinking among those in the so-called west who are not free and surrounded by corruption, abuse of power, apathy and a society which smell of death is reaching to the high heavens? Do we accept that we should have 10 million different human rights charters so that we are all happy and each agree with our own charter 100%?People don’t think:

Hey, I am just one in a billion, and this charter is the best we have, so I will fully support and endorse it, rally around it, promote it, and then when Article 1 of the Green Charter is a reality in my area of the world, my location, then of course there will be People’s Conferences and when the subject of a “bill of rights” comes up, I will propose those parts (the 89.7% or 97.8%) of the Green Charter I agree with fully, to be adopted, along with points x, z and q of the South African constitution human rights, and points 3 & 17 of the Outer Mongolian Supreme Human Rights and Responsibilities Act

And, my conference, due to being local here in Upper-East-Southern-Bavaria, having similar outlook to me on matters such as religion and sport, will, with minor modifications, adopt my proposals, and so we now have people’s power in my area, thanks to several green committees in my location having been formed after studying The Green Book and ignoring the parts about Sport that they did not agree with (because their view is sitting at home and watching sport on Fox should certainly be considered sport, and the repetitious simplistic views of a Bedouin regarding Women and his view that they are exploited in the West, is not something our women agreed with), and instead focused on the parts that they learnt something from: how direct democracy has only one face and one method: People’s Conferences and People’s Committees.

Or do they? Some do, and they have great success stories to tell. So let us tell the story of Hinterdorf, in Upper-East Southern Bavaria. When 3 people there saw that The Green Book was too big for enough people in the community to read, busy as they were with watching Sport on Fox, they noticed that people had time to read the Green Charter and that this whetted the appetites of many to find out how to obtain these rights, via a restructuring of power, as proposed in The Green Book. They thus printed off the Green Charter onto sheets of A4 paper, one hundred pieces, and handed that around until they grew bored due to some doors closed in their faces.

However, unbeknownst to them, one person of the 23 that received the paper, made copies and printed off another 1,000, so impressed they were with what they immediately recognized as their own human rights and freedoms which had been taken away after being born free into the world. And off he went with his bicycle around Hinterdorf, a community of 24,500 people, and gave away all 1,000 of those leaflets.

From that, a total of 57 read the Green Charter in full, and another 142 people read part way through the Green Charter only, but all of those had read Article 1 and agreed with it:

1. Democracy is the power of the people, not only the expression of the people. We declare that power belongs to the people. It is exercised directly, without intermediary or representatives in the popular congresses and the people’s committees.

“That’s logical, makes sense, would be nice to try that”, they thought. Of those, the Angels inform us, that a total of 37 people took the trouble out of interest, amazed at what they had read, to go to GreenCharter.Com — and of those, only 7 spent several days reading and re-reading, including The Green Book. Of the other 30 who spend less time and abandoned the effort, 3 did so because the site did not look “sexy” enough, and was not HTML-version 17.4. Another 5 rejected it as they did not see a Facebook Like button. 14 more were interrupted and distracted by calls of nature, calls to dinner, or having to leave for work, and did not return.

The remaining 8 did not come back because of other reasons, including an impression that this is a cult site, that it is childish, that it is new age, that it is religious — at least, those were their perceptions and reasons not to investigate further.

But of those 7 that did investigate further, three decided to go be brave enough and go ahead and register at and see what is there in terms of networking. Only one of those announced her interest and location, putting up a true profile along with a nice avatar photo, and she also registered at and posted with some hash tags including #GREENCHARTER. The other two thus found her and made contact. They met up. They formed a Green Committee. They share coffee and biscuits, stories, but they discussed at length and studied further The Green Book.

They came to the same conclusion as the founder of that web site did so many years ago, a logical one: we should make use of the Green Charter, and the web site, and send out good thoughts. Please pray for that person, whoever it was, who started this whole thing, since it offers some of the best idealistic hope for the world.

And now, several months later, after holding an open meeting with various videos and presentations, and questions and answers, the 3 citizens of Hinterdorf had convinced 83% of the village-town of 24,500 people, to form 12 Basic People’s Conferences, in each part of the town, and to coordinate to bring the results of each agenda item proposed and discussed in each conference, to a Municipal People’s Conference which included the assistant secretary and secretaries of each of the BPCs.

This was televised on the local TV station, so that the community could see that indeed, these secretaries did not “represent” them but in fact passed on what had been discussed, and that all agenda items from across the town had been discussed and consensus arrived at. They also noted, that the various experts in the fields of Education, Sanitation, Security, Health, Communications and Transport, which had thus far been elected to People’s Committees for each of those sectors, in order to carry out the resolutions, were in attendance.

In the coming months, they too noted, via follow up reports from the Conference Secretariats that had continued to meet with the various People’s Committees to monitor progress, that much of what they had legislated had been put into action:

Regarding security, the Hinterdorf People’s Committee for Security had set up 24/7 around-the-clock brigades of volunteers, to manage what the police had failed to do. Graffitti stopped, the noisy riding of motorbikes, and the open buying and selling of drugs. Attacks on persons had dropped to zero during the period. But this had also been in large part due to the People’s Committees for Education and for Health which had also carried out the wishes of the Hinterdorf People’s Conferences:

The People’s Committee for Health, with a mandate from the People’s Conferences, had taken over the local hospital, reviewed the qualifications and practices of nurses and doctors, banished for life from the town one doctor who had been selling drugs to addicts, and threw out two psychiatrists and one mental health nurse who were unqualified, to put it politely. They had been responsible for much of the drug addiction and failures to deal with youth mental health issues. In their place, 3 psychologists, who had a proper vision of holistic health and an excellent track record in helping people without the use of any drugs, were given positions in the hospital. They had been without work hitherto, as the national and state governments of Germany had considered that the big pharma business must benefit, not the masses, so psychiatrists were being promoted but not psychologists.

Those committees also implemented numerous other resolutions, too many to list here.

The People’s Committee for Education, in one of its most effective actions in line with the tasks imposed upon it by the People’s Conferences’ resolutions, had given 30 volunteer mentors and educators a time-table of extra-curricular educational support, for those both in and out of school, which brought a great sharing of knowledge and cut down the loneliness and feeling of worthlessness of many of the older and experienced people, and the boredom and sense of failure of the young.

The People’s Committee for Communications, among other things, decided to form a local phone company called “People Phone”, and agreed with one of the Telco owners of the cell tower networks, to lease their network in the district. They provided extra services such as push-to-talk communications for the People’s Committee for Security, free help lines for the Psychologists, and a course in communications technology for the People’s Committee for Education to be taught in the local college, thus providing a useful opportunity for future work in the area, when eventually there would be no need to lease towers from major Telcos, but they would instead be able to run their own independent communications network.

The People’s Committee for Transport arranged a registry and secure web site, as well as provided coordination for, vehicle sharing so that those who routinely drove to work, could pick up some of those who had to take public transport, which remained under state government control and did not reflect bus routes in line with the wishes of the locals. They also organized fund-raising to purchase bicycles, that could be used between certain points, against a small fee, as well as a motor-bike taxi service.

Now, all this, because of The Green Charter. But more happened: On the one side, people high up in ivory towers in Berlin and Cologne, and as far away as Washington, London, Paris and Tel Aviv, were “up in arms” (=very unhappy) with the examples provided by Hinterdorf. Their drug companies and Telco profits were threatened, the Police as their force against the people were emasculated as most of the officers had joined the People’s Committee for Security after seeing its efficacy and that the community were willing, businesses included, to pay taxes for their policing salaries instead of to Berlin.

Moreover, their Education (mis-education) Establishment with set curricula which had been designed and modified over the years to ensure that people become useful-eaters (consumers but without ability to think outside the box or beyond their narrow area of specialisation and reward), indoctrinated within limited fields of education, was falling apart, as half the teachers had fled to other towns as they did not wish to adopt the new education policies as legislated by the Hinterdorf citizens, whilst they had been replaced with those who were either unemployed or doing useless jobs such as paper pushing, guarding property of the absent elite, and cleaning the offices of the state security service, but who were actually more qualified for the education required by the community.

But before they could think of what to do, or amass an army of police and para-military from surrounding villages, a further problem arose for the elite. The neighbouring villages had quickly learnt of the amazing successes and turn-around of life in Hinterdorf. And, they too, had now quickly emulated the example. Now the entire region had moved to the new “jamahiri” (direct participatory democracy) method of People’s Authority and there were now 172 Basic People’s Conferences…

Some of the 172 BPCs called themselves Local Popular Assemblies, others Basic Popular Congresses, they could not agree on a common name for their structure, but they did agree on how it all works, having sought advice and guidance by now from the International People’s Conference Organization, across 4 large communities, with 4 Municipal People’s Congresses, and now one Upper-East Southern Bavarian People’s Congress, which thus included all 172 BPCs, and the number of People’s Committees had expanded to 18.

Now the “Green March” or green wave was unstoppable. Some activists had even taken up the challenge of THE GREEN WALL contest, after reading about it on Mathaba News, and had formed small brigades to go out to other cities in the state, taking action to spread the word. They chose public targets where they would put up or paint WWW.GREENCHARTER.COM and dropped the required equipment near by, and devised routes to the targets so they could evade the video monitoring. Wearing hoods and baggy clothes, and with lookouts connected by walkie-talkies, each of their missions was a success:

On the State Housing Department, responsible for much of the homelessness that some of their friends and family had endured, they replaced the sign with one saying WWW.GREENCHARTER.COM, they entered the police car park and sprayed the web address in green across several of the police cars, painted it on a bridge overlooking a busy high way, and replaced several advertising billboards.

As a result, yet more support poured in to the Upper-East Southern Bavaria district, and further methods to spread the ideas and example to outlying areas were discussed.

The “old elite” were on the run, from a new regenerated and awakened society of the masses, which was living life to the full, allowing those qualified to give, and with money as a means of value being replaced by a new accounting system that valued instead what each citizen was contributing to the society.

This allowed citizens to put forward what they have contributed in the past, and can contribute now, and to place a value on it, and for that to be endorsed by their peers, and for them to be given a chance to show their talents and skills and expertise, in this new system of people’s power. It resulted in thousands of unhappy people who had been unhappy due to not being allowed to contribute their talent and expertise in the old system, to be happy, free and productive: in return the community was taking care of all their needs: food, clothing, shelter (housing), transport, health and to some degree, communications.

And on it went, until the jamahiri movement in Russia and Brazil had taken note of this, and volunteered their expertise to assist the world wide Green Charter Movement, and some of the Hinterdorf community travelled to Russia and others to Brazil to meet with the activists there and assist them in finding ways to reach the masses in some parts of Russia, via a diverse range of methods including pirate radio, open symposiums, and networking with educators and independent media.

An international conference is now being planned, to bring together many of those who wish to see this experiment in people’s power succeed, and for which independent media, effective communications, primary reference sources, and common consensus were considered among some of the priorities for moving forward.

Find out more about this world wide movement and the green march to power. Make these dreams and the dreams of another 6 billion people turn into reality. A world with a future. A world without war, with the criminal elites brought to justice. An end to civilization and the return to living in harmony with the planet, its resources, and nature. The use of technology for good, not frivolity and harm. All power, all wealth and all arms in the hands of the people, empowered by Knowledge.

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