According to ‘Shaykh Saalih al-Munajjid’, a cleric close to Daesh (ISIS): “Islam allows a man to have intercourse with his slave women”

the real Syrian Free Press


Here is an excerptofalessonofspirituality, civilizationandhumanity, impartedby a sheikhwho passes himself offas a ‘scholar ofIslam‘, butwhichinreality isa sadistfrustrated andmentally unbalanced,as unfortunatelyall theignorantbarbariansthat are part ofDaesh(alsoimproperlyknown asISIS-ISIL), aherd of animalsthatassociate them withmonkeys, ratsordonkeysisto doan injusticeto thosepoor innocent animals.

We apologizeto all ourMuslim friendsmentally healthy, thatcertainlycan notacceptthis interpretationandimposition of suchbarbaric practicesinthe name of God, but theworld has to knowand choosewhich side to take:
~ oraccomplice to themostcruelbarbarityand madness,
~ orina union ofmutualco-existencewith the entirehuman civilization


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